Thank you Ilana Muhlstein! Being an avid biker, and lately hiker, and always surfer, the fact that 2B Mindset only focuses on nutrition was a big one for me. I was a part of the last Test Group and went from 191.6 to 181.2 lbs. This program works, folks and it’s taking off so I wanted to give you some tools to help market it better.

Here are the highlights of this program:

  • Exercise is “Extra Credit”. Totally unique for us.
  • No portion control containers or counting calories.
  • Water first. You drink water before every meal—and even before your coffee.
  • Veggies most. Vegetables are the dominant food group in this nutrition plan.
  • There’s a roadmap for each meal of the day. It’s not rigid…it’s a template that lays out how much protein, veggies and fiber rich carbs you SHOULD have.
  • You track your food. For now, you do this in the book you get with the program…soon there will be an app.
  • Every day starts with a weigh in. This is designed to teach you what works and what doesn’t.

Here are some VERY helpful tools to help you better understand how to market 2B Mindset:

2B Mindset Comparison Chart
2B Mindset Team Call
2B Mindset Customer Walkthrough Experience
Ilana Muhlstein Explains 2B Mindset

Here’s a graphic inspired by Coach Cindy Tremblay and created by Coach Kelly Posner. Just right click to Save. Note that you need to overwrite the “All Access” on it as Beachbody doesn’t want us using that verbiage anymore. Thanks ladies!