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Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 10.13.42 PMThe Fit Club Network (FCN) was founded in 2009, by Monica Koon and Dave Ward. It all began in early 2007, when Monica was an elementary school teacher and Dave was a practicing attorney. After several years being active on Beachbody’s message boards, Monica was approached by CEO Carl Daikeler to be one of the company’s founding coaches.

Monica worked closely with Carl, President Jon Congdon, and a handful of others who were dedicated to helping others live physically and financially healthier lives. After 10 years of law, Dave decided to pursue the Team Beachbody opportunity as a full-time Coach and the Fit Club Network was formed.

Monica and Dave now both live in Coronado, California—next to the Pacific Ocean and their respective families—where they continue to serve and build the Fit Club Network team.



FCN Coach Training was created by Dave and Monica to give every member of the team the start they deserved by providing a platform to teach the basics of being a Team Beachbody Coach. At the heart of the site is the First 30 Training, which includes The Playbook. There is also a basic New Coach Welcome video series, Compensation Training, and lots of continuing education on the blog. In addition, we have created a helpful Coach Resource section with lots of info and material to make it that much easier to coach your customers!

Learn the process. Then, go to work. Start to practice the invitation process and track your progress. If you do, it will lead you to succeed. Then, and only then, will you be in a position to teach. And, then, the cycle will repeat—learn, practice, succeed, teach!

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