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Father, retired attorney, triathlete, skier, surfer, half of a dynamic coaching team and co-founder of the Fit Club Network. Living my passion as an entrepreneur helping people achieve their fitness and financial goals.

Dave and Coach Jimmy on the Comp Plan

This week's Team Call was with Coach Jimmy and we went over the Comp Plan in depth. Here's the video of the call and the document we refer to in the video. Enjoy! Download the TBB Comp Plan Highlights

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LIIFT4 Launch Plan

LIIFT4 launches October 1, 2018. Beachbody is now offering VIP Early Access to LIIFT4 ahead of the full release on Beachbody On Demand. In order to gain early access, Coaches and Customers must purchase one of the Challenge Packs, Completion Packs or Accessory Bundles associated with LIIFT4. Challenge Packs are for Customers that do not

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LIIFT4 Launch Prep with Cindy Tremblay

Here's a video from this week's Team Call with Coach Cindy Tremblay. Cindy is one of our most successful coaches and is getting ready to retire from her teaching career to be a full-time coach. In addition to learning about her coaching journey, you'll learn about prepping for the upcoming LIIFT4 launch. Stay tuned for

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Why NOW is the Time!

The above video was a Team Call I did for Coach Mike Ryan. Everyone wants to know what the “secret sauce” is with Beachbody—what moves things forward and what the secrets are. People want to know about technology, Facebook ads, email marketing, Instagram. Those things are important. Those things can move your business forward. But,

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2B Mindset Info & Resources for Coaches

Thank you Ilana Muhlstein! Being an avid biker, and lately hiker, and always surfer, the fact that 2B Mindset only focuses on nutrition was a big one for me. I was a part of the last Test Group and went from 191.6 to 181.2 lbs. This program works, folks and it's taking off so

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Share a Cart: Step by Step

The Share a Cart feature is a powerful tool for your coaching business. In a nutshell, it simplifies the purchasing process for your customers and newly enrolled coaches because it allows you to create their order for them. It works on any mobile device, tablet or computer. How awesome is it that you can set

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Info on Beachbody Nutritionals

Sharing a fabulous video where Coach Jillian Kaplan talks with Dr. Luigi Gratton, Beachbody’s Vice President of Nutritional Products (since November 2017), about the new Beachbars and the Performance Line. Dr. Luigi is highly experienced with a specialty in family medicine and clinical nutrition and is very dialed in to how nutrition impacts human health

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FCN Coach Recognition

What Do All Those Graphics Mean??? You'll see several recognition graphics that pop up in our FCN Coach Facebook group. We want you to know and understand what you're seeing, not only to celebrate the success of fellow coaches on your team but to set some goals for yourself! Personal Volume     Personal Volume

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Facebook Group Insights

If you haven't already been checking out the analytics for your Facebook Group, you need to. Here's where to find some helpful info that you can use to help you increase interaction in the group and also make more impactful decisions regarding your group and business. First, I'll show you where to find Facebook Group

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