For most of us, everything is much less overwhelming when you break it into parts or steps. This is why I made this flow chart with 8 baby steps to becoming a full-time coach.

If you’ve been doing any of our training, you know that both Dave and I are big on knowing your WHY. The WHYs that motivate people to become a full-time coach are different for everyone, but here are some reasons that many of us probably share:

  • Be debt free
  • Build your savings & investments
  • Give/tithe more
  • Create more meaningful memories (special trips, accomplishments, etc.)
  • Be a part of a positive tribe of amazing, inspiring and motivational people

If any of these goals resonate with you, it IS possible to achieve them through a full-time Beachbody Coaching business IF you commit to AND work at it. These baby steps are one path to get you to this place:

  1. Invite people DAILY from your active list to a challenge group or coach opportunity
  2. Get TWO people to join your business and achieve Emerald rank
  3. Teach those new business partners how to do Steps 1 and 2
  4. Earn $500/month thru new sales or residual sales/income
  5. Earn Success Club every month
  6. Advance to Diamond (by having members of your team working on Steps 1-4)
  7. Earn part-time income
  8. Earn full-time income

Here’s the graphic to print out, laminate and post in a place where you will see it EVERY day so it can remind you to keep on stepping!

Click to download and print the PDF!