Dave and Coach Jimmy on the Comp Plan

This week's Team Call was with Coach Jimmy and we went over the Comp Plan in depth. Here's the video of the call and the document we refer to in the video. Enjoy! Download the TBB Comp Plan Highlights

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Beachbody Weekly Earnings Calculator

I wanted to kick off this year by doing what I do best—putting YOU in a position to win! I use a spreadsheet to track my weekly paycheck and analyze our business quarter by quarter. I was putting my 2017 sheet together and thought I'd create one for YOU. Elite Point ATV Tracking Here's the

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Help 5 People Get Started with a Club Challenge Pack

Here is some more info for you on a Beachbody on Demand marketing strategy—specifically what happens to your income when you get five people get started with a Team Beachbody Club Challenge Pack. Here's a screenshot of the spreadsheet for your reference:  

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FCN Team Recognition (April 10, 2014)

In this issue (April 10, 2014), you'll find our team's top volume producers and Success Club Point leaders—plus this week's featured story on "How Beachbody Coaches Make Money." FEATURED STORY—How Beachbody Coaches Make Money Learn how the Beachbody compensation plan works with Dave's four part video series on "How Beachbody Coaches Make Money." Beachbody does not

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Learn About the Compensation Plan

By popular demand, Michael Neimand has gone back to the production room with his toys and created two new compensation plan training videos as only he can do. If you want to understand our compensation plan, this presents the info in a simple and fun way. Here you go: Four Basic Ways to Earn Commissions & Bonuses

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