80 Day Obsession Pack Quick Reference

Here is the PDF file that lays it all out (click to download)—80 Day Obsession Pack Quick Reference PDF Important resources: 80 Day Obsession Essentials Autumn's Coach Only Test Group How to generate links and use Share-a-Cart: To access Share-a-Cart, go to https://shareacart.teambeachbody.com. We created these optimized graphics to explain purchase options and pricing...right click

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Challenge Group Guide & Tips

Challenge groups are at the heart of our business. I won't lie—it's a challenge to get them started, but once they take hold, they're gold. What is a Challenge Group? Hopefully, you've been in a Challenge Group already with your sponsor and know from firsthand experience exactly what it is. In case you haven't and

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Photo Editing Software

PicMonkey and Canva In today’s social networking era, one of your most powerful marketing tools are consistently branded graphics that both provide value to your customers and highlight your business. We consider it an investing in our business to create branded, professional, and shareable graphics. You do NOT need to spend your time and money taking

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Weekly Business Plan

I recently stole a great idea from our sponsored coach, Michelle Schwartz Vitelli, and put my spin on it. It’s a Weekly Business Plan to track your business activities for the week. It has both daily activities and specific actions to take each day of the week. Check out this video that explains how to use

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Beachbody Weekly Earnings Calculator

I wanted to kick off this year by doing what I do best—putting YOU in a position to win! I use a spreadsheet to track my weekly paycheck and analyze our business quarter by quarter. I was putting my 2017 sheet together and thought I'd create one for YOU. Elite Point ATV Tracking Here's the

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Introducing The Invite Tracker APP

Well, it is finally here! The Invite Tracker is live in both the Apple AND Google Play stores for your iPhone and Android devices. The Invite Tracker is a lead management tool that can be used in place of the “Business Activity Tracker” or “BAT”. You can add a lead into the program with all contact

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Customer Lead Scripts

Nicole Jones will be joining us on the Team Call tonight and wanted me to distribute these notes/scripts so you can get the most out of the call. Don't miss this call—it will be a good one! Tuesday at 5:30 PM Pacific/7:30 PM Central/8:30 Eastern Phone Number: (724) 444-7444 Call ID: 78190 Recording: www.talkshoe.com/tc/78190 Here

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