I’d like you to meet Laura. She is the 1st place winner in the October 2017 Healthy Bod Challenge contest. I am beyond happy that I got to Paypal her $300 for investing in herself.

Here’s her story:

“This picture shows my October 21-day Ultimate Reset transformation which not only reset my body but helped recenter my broken life. In July, my 17-day old nephew, Crosby, died. Reeling with overwhelming sadness, I then was informed a DNR paper had been signed for my unexpectedly ailing father. I spend a precious week in Hospice watching my father pass. 20 days after losing Crosby, my father passed. As you can imagine, during this time my diet consisted of Double Stuffed Oreos, fast food and pizza. My scale read a number I hadn’t seen in over 18 months and I was emotionally drained. The Ultimate Reset empowered me to regain control. These transformation pics not only represent a physical transformation but a return to feeling like me!”

The video above is a special Team Call I did with her where we chat about the Healthy BOD Challenge and her journey as a coach.