by Leslie Bachinsky

Before I go to bed for the night I wanted to share a little piece of my journey to getting healthy and fit!

I had no idea when I began my weight lose journey I would end up with the results I have now. I knew it wouldn’t happen overnight and God knows it didn’t. There were many days when I felt is this even worth it ? That’s when I would remind myself that yes, I’m worth the effort and so are my children and my husband.

I wanted to feel better about myself.
I had such low self esteem and I completely lacked confidence.I was so embarrassed by my weight and the way I looked.

I had a gym membership but there was no way I was going to the gym looking and feeling the way I did. I didn’t want anyone to see me and how I’d let myself go. Hell I hated even looking in the mirror and seeing my reflection.

I had gotten to my heaviest weight I was 177lbs and I was wearing a size 16 pants because my current size was way too tight, not cool on a 5′ frame. I was short and fat and I hated it.

I needed to make a drastic change, it was time I got off of my fat ass and did something.
That’s when I found something new .
Since I made the decision back in June of 2015 my life is forever changed.

No magic pill, no funky wraps ,,no chemical filled patches or starvation diet. I found a plan that made sense.
It’s been a welcome lifestyle change, clean eating meal plan , 30 min. daily exercise ,a delicious and nutritious shake that gives me a little boost of energy plus it keeps me full and satisfied.

The truly best part was the accountability I received from my coach and other women in the group. We were all on the same journey.

Can you relate at all to my story? I would love to help you make the changes you desire and reach your health and fitness goals. Don’t put it off another day.