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Facebook Group Insights

By | February 6th, 2018|

If you haven’t already been checking out the analytics for your Facebook Group, you need to. Here’s where to find some helpful info that you can use to help you increase interaction in the group and also make more impactful decisions regarding your group and business.

First, I’ll show you where to find Facebook Group Insights.

Go to your Group and you’ll see a similar menu on the upper left of your screen as the one in the image to the left. Click on Group Insights and you’re in.

The first thing you’ll see is a horizontal table entitled “Group Insights” (brilliant) divided into three sections with summary data and links to dig deeper. The sections include:

  1. New Members Growth (by number and percentage)
  2. Posts, Comments and Reactions Activity (by number) and Growth (by percentage)
  3. Top Contributors

When you click on each respective column, the content below the table updates to include more detailed info on the chosen data.


Group Insights Section


New Members

This section includes a graphical representation of the new member growth (or shrinkage) of your group and a summary of member requests. Note you can change the time period that the graph represents (upper left corner) and download the information (upper right corner). There is also a button to link your page to the group. We suggest doing this (although it may cause some posting issues if you have multiple group admins. Just try it and see if it works. It’s a great way to connect all your Facebook presences.

Posts, Comments and Reactions

The first table in this section is a similar graphical representation of posts, comments and reactions in your group by day. These can be viewed individually or all together and hovering over the graph will give you specific numbers. It’s also customizable by date (upper left corner) and downloadable (upper right corner).

The second table is a graph showing the number of active members on given days. The third table shows your most popular days and times for interactions and should be used to determine the optimal time to post your content. In case you weren’t aware, Facebook enables you to schedule your postings so you can prepare your content weekly and schedule at the times where you’re likely to get the most bang for your post.

The last table is a list of your 10 most popular posts—by any group member. This is awesome info! Recreate what works with your group members, folks.

Top  Contributors

This is the really fun section. These are your people—your top 10 group non-admin members. (You can also download this information.)

These are the folks you want to interact with and recognize on a consistent basis, because they’re making your group thrive. As you probably know, we’re big on recognition graphics. You can see one that Monica creates every couple of weeks for her top Fix Family members. I’d venture to say it makes their day when this shows up on their newsfeeds.

So, there you have it…make use of this insightful data!

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Preparing for Team Cup

By | January 30th, 2018|

The 2018 Team Beachbody Team Cup competition starts on February 1. We want to help you and your team focus on a successful Team Cup!

First a little refresher of Eric Worre’s top 7 skills you need to develop in order to be a successful network marketer:

  1. Work from a list
  2. Invite from your list
  3. Present your product or business opportunity to the prospects you invite
  4. Follow up
  5. Sign up prospects to use or distribute your products
  6. Get them started right
  7. Promote yourself

To prepare for the Team Cup competition, we want you focusing on making and working from a list and pay attention to these tips:

  • Use a Memory Jogger! (You can find this on our FCN Coach Resources page or download it by clicking HERE.)
  • Go BIG. Don’t pre-judge people and eliminate them from your list based on your subjective conclusions. Put EVERYONE on your list!
  • If you don’t know a potential prospect’s name, write a description of them.

Here’s a little story with a perfect example of the last tip:

I would notice a lady who would pass by my house almost every day with her chocolate lab. (Paying attention.) I wrote a note to myself about said woman. (Set intention.) One day while at local venue, I saw the woman and said “Oh, you’re the lady who walks her chocolate lab down my street! Hi, I’m Monica.” Her name is Pam. 🙂 (Follow through when the opportunity presented itself.)

Good luck to all our Team Cup teams!

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Interview of Founding Coach Milan Jensen

By | January 25th, 2018|

Here’s a video of Monica interviewing founding Beachbody Coach Milan as part of her Pacesetters group. Milan spoke at our leadership retreat this year and gave a powerful presentation on being a retail coach and training retail coaches. If you are helping people with Beachbody supplements and fitness programs, you are retailing and this is a MUST see!

You can also find the video on Facebook:

Watch on Facebook
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2018 Income Tracker

By | January 15th, 2018|

Here’s an updated 2018 Income Tracker.

You’ll find other links to YouTube videos explaining how to “Make a Copy” of the spreadsheet and what it does for you in the Google Doc here:

2018 Income Tracker
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Coach Monica’s Top 3 Coaching Tips

By | December 26th, 2017|

I was recently interviewed by Beachbody for the “How Beachbody Changed My Life” series that they included in their e-newsletter. They asked me what coaching tips I could share with others.

My top three coaching tips are simple, but profound to your coaching business:

  1. Invite, invite invite!
  2. Create your story.
  3. Treat your business like a business.

Tip #1: Invite, Invite, Invite

If you truly want to be successful, you must make it a priority to meet and invite 2-5 new people to begin a fitness program every single day.

This is a manageable number to maintain balance in a part-time coaching business. The growth of your business is in direct proportion to the number of people you prospect!

Find your voice and learn how to craft and personalize your invite. Remember, this is YOUR business. Adjust time in your schedule to increase activity. It’s easier to stay consistent with smaller goals than by gradually increasing your productivity over time.

Tip #2: Create Your Story

Focus on living your own personal wellness story every day—including daily nutrition, fitness, and having a positive outlook on life.

Beachbody is a total lifestyle commitment. It starts with drinking Shakeology, pushing Play to a sweat session on Beachbody on Demand, and sharing what you’re doing so people know your business and follow your paths.

If you aren’t living the lifestyle, you will struggle to authentically speak about Beachbody. Authenticity is everything—it builds real trust and can move people to take action.

Tip #3—Treat Your Business Like a Business

Lastly, remember the importance of treating your business like a business.

The most effective way to do this is to schedule concrete work hours that fit into your balanced life. Also, make sure to track your activity to manage your invites, to help you be more efficient with your approach.

As soon as your schedule includes the perfect balance between life and business, you will begin to see increasing success!

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80 Day Obsession Pack Quick Reference

By | December 11th, 2017|

Here is the PDF file that lays it all out (click to download)—80 Day Obsession Pack Quick Reference PDF

Important resources:

How to generate links and use Share-a-Cart:

To access Share-a-Cart, go to https://shareacart.teambeachbody.com.

We created these optimized graphics to explain purchase options and pricing…right click to save them. (Full quality graphics are available to download from the link below.)

NEW OFFER! 20% discount for the Performance Stack (Chocolate only) when COACHES purchase the $44.95 Accessory Bundle.
That offer will be made after the Accessory Bundle has been added to the Cart.
Shipping on the Coach and Customer Accessory Packs is only $2!

Full quality graphics, as well as a PDF of all four graphics, can be downloaded here—80 Day Obsession Graphics.

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Coach Laura Schrader & the HBC

By | December 4th, 2017|

I’d like you to meet Laura. She is the 1st place winner in the October 2017 Healthy Bod Challenge contest. I am beyond happy that I got to Paypal her $300 for investing in herself.

Here’s her story:

“This picture shows my October 21-day Ultimate Reset transformation which not only reset my body but helped recenter my broken life. In July, my 17-day old nephew, Crosby, died. Reeling with overwhelming sadness, I then was informed a DNR paper had been signed for my unexpectedly ailing father. I spend a precious week in Hospice watching my father pass. 20 days after losing Crosby, my father passed. As you can imagine, during this time my diet consisted of Double Stuffed Oreos, fast food and pizza. My scale read a number I hadn’t seen in over 18 months and I was emotionally drained. The Ultimate Reset empowered me to regain control. These transformation pics not only represent a physical transformation but a return to feeling like me!”

The video above is a special Team Call I did with her where we chat about the Healthy BOD Challenge and her journey as a coach.

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Instagram Tips

By | November 14th, 2017|

As of April 2017, Instagram had about 700 million users, and about 400 million of them were checking in DAILY. Regardless of the exact number, it’s A LOT making this one of your most powerful tools.

The tips above will help you make the most of it.

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Coach Leslie Bachinsky’s WHY

By | September 29th, 2017|

by Leslie Bachinsky

Before I go to bed for the night I wanted to share a little piece of my journey to getting healthy and fit!

I had no idea when I began my weight lose journey I would end up with the results I have now. I knew it wouldn’t happen overnight and God knows it didn’t. There were many days when I felt is this even worth it ? That’s when I would remind myself that yes, I’m worth the effort and so are my children and my husband.

I wanted to feel better about myself.
I had such low self esteem and I completely lacked confidence.I was so embarrassed by my weight and the way I looked.

I had a gym membership but there was no way I was going to the gym looking and feeling the way I did. I didn’t want anyone to see me and how I’d let myself go. Hell I hated even looking in the mirror and seeing my reflection.

I had gotten to my heaviest weight I was 177lbs and I was wearing a size 16 pants because my current size was way too tight, not cool on a 5′ frame. I was short and fat and I hated it.

I needed to make a drastic change, it was time I got off of my fat ass and did something.
That’s when I found something new .
Since I made the decision back in June of 2015 my life is forever changed.

No magic pill, no funky wraps ,,no chemical filled patches or starvation diet. I found a plan that made sense.
It’s been a welcome lifestyle change, clean eating meal plan , 30 min. daily exercise ,a delicious and nutritious shake that gives me a little boost of energy plus it keeps me full and satisfied.

The truly best part was the accountability I received from my coach and other women in the group. We were all on the same journey.

Can you relate at all to my story? I would love to help you make the changes you desire and reach your health and fitness goals. Don’t put it off another day.

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Coach Carrie Casserly’s WHY

By | September 27th, 2017|

by Coach Carrie Casserly

Almost 7 years ago I made the decision to sign up to be a Beachbody coach. Not because I wanted to join an MLM or because I thought I was going to “get rich quick” …..but because I fell in love with Shakeology and I wanted the discount!! Duh. 😜

Here’s what happened though. Beachbody products and the workout programs changed my life. I thought after having Clark and Olivia I was destined to be bigger and heavier than I had ever been. I thought my new “mom body” was what I’d have for the rest of my life. Honestly! I literally thought that I just had to accept the fact that some moms just never lose that extra “baby weight” even if their kids were born years prior!! I “thought” I was eating healthy. I was working out at the gym 3 to 5 times per week too!! Talk about frustrating!

Finally, when I was able to lose the last 15 pounds of weight I was still holding onto after Clark was born (he was almost 4 years old at the time), my friends and family noticed!! I was shouting from the rooftops what I was doing because I was so excited that I finally found a healthy way to get back in shape!! No magic pills or crazy diets either!!

THAT’S when I started paying it forward to help as many people that would let me help them by using the tools I used!! That’s when my MLM that I signed up for to get the discount turned into a life changing opportunity.

No, I did NOT get rich quick. I’m still not rich. Not financially anyways. BUT I can provide for my family. I can work from home and be here to take my kids to school and pick them up. I can afford to go on trips and vacations every now and again. I can afford to put clothes on my kids back and buy my daughter a homecoming dress. I can afford to shop for organic groceries and put healthy food into my family’s body! Being able to do ALL of that makes me RICH….In my eyes.

I am still striving to help people overcome the frustrations of being over weight, feeling unhealthy and not knowing what to do about it long term!! That’s what fuels me to keep doing what I do EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. In a society that wants INSTANT gratification and magic formulas that will melt fat over night…..it’s not easy doing what I do sometimes. Lol!! I’m all about the healthy route….not the easy route.

I’m a coach because I LOVE helping people. I LOVE the company I stand behind and their purpose. I LOVE knowing that I can stand behind what I do 110 percent. I LOVE being my own boss and answering to MYSELF!! Trust me when I tell you it’s hard answering to yourself sometimes because when you fail there’s nobody else to point your finger at. I have to take FULL responsibility for my successes AND failures. Yikes.

I’m sharing this because I’ve helped change my own life for the better by doing what I do. I’ve helped change other people’s lives for the better too. I worked HARD to get to where I’m at and I’m still striving to do better. I don’t promote what I do as “get rich quick”. I don’t care where you work or what you do for a living. I don’t care if it’s Beachbody or another MLM……YOU GET WHAT YOU WORK FOR!! Period.

If you love the idea of being healthy and fit, being able to earn a dual income (or in my case making it your sole income) by helping other people along the way and just being an independent bad ass mompreneur……we should chat!

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