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Why NOW is the Time!

By | May 14th, 2018|

The above video was a Team Call I did for Coach Mike Ryan.

Everyone wants to know what the “secret sauce” is with Beachbody—what moves things forward and what the secrets are. People want to know about technology, Facebook ads, email marketing, Instagram. Those things are important. Those things can move your business forward. But, they are not the secret. This is.

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2B Mindset Info & Resources for Coaches

By | May 14th, 2018|

Thank you Ilana Muhlstein! Being an avid biker, and lately hiker, and always surfer, the fact that 2B Mindset only focuses on nutrition was a big one for me. I was a part of the last Test Group and went from 191.6 to 181.2 lbs. This program works, folks and it’s taking off so I wanted to give you some tools to help market it better.

Here are the highlights of this program:

  • Exercise is “Extra Credit”. Totally unique for us.
  • No portion control containers or counting calories.
  • Water first. You drink water before every meal—and even before your coffee.
  • Veggies most. Vegetables are the dominant food group in this nutrition plan.
  • There’s a roadmap for each meal of the day. It’s not rigid…it’s a template that lays out how much protein, veggies and fiber rich carbs you SHOULD have.
  • You track your food. For now, you do this in the book you get with the program…soon there will be an app.
  • Every day starts with a weigh in. This is designed to teach you what works and what doesn’t.

Here are some VERY helpful tools to help you better understand how to market 2B Mindset:

2B Mindset Comparison Chart
2B Mindset Team Call
2B Mindset Customer Walkthrough Experience
Ilana Muhlstein Explains 2B Mindset

Here’s a graphic inspired by Coach Cindy Tremblay and created by Coach Kelly Posner. Just right click to Save. Note that you need to overwrite the “All Access” on it as Beachbody doesn’t want us using that verbiage anymore. Thanks ladies!

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Share a Cart: Step by Step

By | April 17th, 2018|

The Share a Cart feature is a powerful tool for your coaching business. In a nutshell, it simplifies the purchasing process for your customers and newly enrolled coaches because it allows you to create their order for them. It works on any mobile device, tablet or computer. How awesome is it that you can set up your customers’ or coaches’ carts and send them a link to their order right from your phone???

Share a Cart has been found to increase the average order by $40 so you really need to learn how to use this tool!

You can watch the video above or follow these steps:

  1. Go to your browser and open up shareacart.teambeachbody.com.
  2. Bookmark or add this page to your homescreen.
  3. Once you have a product solution for your customer or coach, have their email on hand.
  4. Log into to Share a Cart using your Team Beachbody login credentials.
  5. Click on New Enrollment/Order (View Status is where you’ll click when you are following up on previous orders you’ve created).
  6.  Fill out the fields with your customer or coach’s info.
  7. Click on the Customer or Coach button (the Coach button adds a Coach Starter Kit and displays Coach prices).
  8. Click Continue and add all items to the cart.
  9. Review the order.
  10. Click on Send Email.
  11. If you want to send the link via text or private social media message, click on Copy Shareable Link and paste where applicable.
  12. Your customer or coach will be able to review and complete the order from the email or link that was sent. They will be prompted to either create a new Team BB account or login to their existing one. Once logged in, they can edit the order if they want to add or delete product and they will also see Special Offers that area available to them at this time before they are prompted to submit their order.
  13. As mentioned earlier, you can go back in and View Status of all previously created Share a Cart orders.


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Info on Beachbody Nutritionals

By | April 13th, 2018|

Sharing a fabulous video where Coach Jillian Kaplan talks with Dr. Luigi Gratton, Beachbody’s Vice President of Nutritional Products (since November 2017), about the new Beachbars and the Performance Line. Dr. Luigi is highly experienced with a specialty in family medicine and clinical nutrition and is very dialed in to how nutrition impacts human health and performance.

So awesome to hear how impressed he was with Shakeology and how that single product brought him to Beachbody and changed the direction of his life. He is clearly an asset to Beachbody.

As I mentioned, in the video below, he talks about the new Beachbar “snack bars” and the Performance Line. As usual, Beachbody has nailed it—Beach Bars have more protein, more fiber and less sugar (5-6 grams of primarily organic cane sugar) than the top four snack bar competitors (Lara, Kind, Cliff and RX). And, they’re certified gluten free and low glycemic index with a combo of whey and pea protein. As usual, everything is all natural.

Watch the video for more in depth info on Beachbars and Performance—it will help you market these bars much  more effectively:

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Baby Steps to Becoming a Full-Time Coach

By | March 28th, 2018|

For most of us, everything is much less overwhelming when you break it into parts or steps. This is why I made this flow chart with 8 baby steps to becoming a full-time coach.

If you’ve been doing any of our training, you know that both Dave and I are big on knowing your WHY. The WHYs that motivate people to become a full-time coach are different for everyone, but here are some reasons that many of us probably share:

  • Be debt free
  • Build your savings & investments
  • Give/tithe more
  • Create more meaningful memories (special trips, accomplishments, etc.)
  • Be a part of a positive tribe of amazing, inspiring and motivational people

If any of these goals resonate with you, it IS possible to achieve them through a full-time Beachbody Coaching business IF you commit to AND work at it. These baby steps are one path to get you to this place:

  1. Invite people DAILY from your active list to a challenge group or coach opportunity
  2. Get TWO people to join your business and achieve Emerald rank
  3. Teach those new business partners how to do Steps 1 and 2
  4. Earn $500/month thru new sales or residual sales/income
  5. Earn Success Club every month
  6. Advance to Diamond (by having members of your team working on Steps 1-4)
  7. Earn part-time income
  8. Earn full-time income

Here’s the graphic to print out, laminate and post in a place where you will see it EVERY day so it can remind you to keep on stepping!

Click to download and print the PDF!


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FCN Coach Recognition

By | March 13th, 2018|

What Do All Those Graphics Mean???

You’ll see several recognition graphics that pop up in our FCN Coach Facebook group. We want you to know and understand what you’re seeing, not only to celebrate the success of fellow coaches on your team but to set some goals for yourself!

Personal Volume



Personal Volume is the value of all products and memberships sold in a “Bonus Earning Period” either by a Coach him or herself or his or her retail customers. It is used to determine active status and is used in calculating the payout earned by a Coach for each cycle.

Success Club

Launched in 2010, Success Club rewards Coaches for performing activities that grow their business.

To qualify for Success Club 5 or 10 in a given month, you have to:

  1. Have a personal Shakeology or Performance Home Direct order worth 90+ PV
  2. Earn at least 5 Success Club points to qualify for Success Club 5 and, you guessed it, 10 points for Success Club 10.

You earn Success Club points by selling products via Home Direct to customers and personally sponsored Coaches. For every new Home Direct product or Challenge Pack (worth at least 90 PV), you earn 2 points; for multiple Home Direct products (totaling at least 90 PV), you earn 1 point.

This is an especially important benchmark because Coaches who qualify for Success Club every month see their paychecks increase by an average of 135%!

Learn more about Success Club HERE.

Leadership Ladder


The Leadership Ladder consists of an additional set of benchmarks that are intended to help Coaches focus on goals above and beyond their rank so their business is better positioned for stability and growth. Progress towards these benchmarks is reported separately for each CBC and are then combined to determine your Ladder “rung”—Business Starter (Coach rank), Team Builder (Emerald/Ruby), Team Leader (Diamond/1 Star Diamond), Organization Leader (2-4 Star Diamond), and Executive Leader (5-15 Star Diamond).

Learn more about Leadership Ladder HERE.

Rank Announcements


And, then there are the occasional rank announcements when someone has reached Emerald, Ruby or Diamond status.

To reach Emerald, a Coach must maintain 50+ Personal Volume during the Bonus Qualification Period AND have at least one personally sponsored (PS) active coach on both the right and left legs at the end of the Bonus Week.

To reach Ruby, a Coach must maintain 75+ Personal Volume during the Bonus Qualification Period AND have at least one PS active Emerald Coach (or higher) on both legs at the end of the Bonus Week AND have one additionally sponsored active Coach on both legs at the end of Bonus Week.

To reach Diamond, a Coach must maintain 100+ Personal Volume during the Bonus Qualification Period AND have at least 1 PS active Emerald Coach (or higher) on each let AND have 3 additional PS active Coaches on both lets during the Bonus Qualification Period (for a total of 4 PS coaches on each leg).

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Facebook Group Insights

By | February 6th, 2018|

If you haven’t already been checking out the analytics for your Facebook Group, you need to. Here’s where to find some helpful info that you can use to help you increase interaction in the group and also make more impactful decisions regarding your group and business.

First, I’ll show you where to find Facebook Group Insights.

Go to your Group and you’ll see a similar menu on the upper left of your screen as the one in the image to the left. Click on Group Insights and you’re in.

The first thing you’ll see is a horizontal table entitled “Group Insights” (brilliant) divided into three sections with summary data and links to dig deeper. The sections include:

  1. New Members Growth (by number and percentage)
  2. Posts, Comments and Reactions Activity (by number) and Growth (by percentage)
  3. Top Contributors

When you click on each respective column, the content below the table updates to include more detailed info on the chosen data.


Group Insights Section


New Members

This section includes a graphical representation of the new member growth (or shrinkage) of your group and a summary of member requests. Note you can change the time period that the graph represents (upper left corner) and download the information (upper right corner). There is also a button to link your page to the group. We suggest doing this (although it may cause some posting issues if you have multiple group admins. Just try it and see if it works. It’s a great way to connect all your Facebook presences.

Posts, Comments and Reactions

The first table in this section is a similar graphical representation of posts, comments and reactions in your group by day. These can be viewed individually or all together and hovering over the graph will give you specific numbers. It’s also customizable by date (upper left corner) and downloadable (upper right corner).

The second table is a graph showing the number of active members on given days. The third table shows your most popular days and times for interactions and should be used to determine the optimal time to post your content. In case you weren’t aware, Facebook enables you to schedule your postings so you can prepare your content weekly and schedule at the times where you’re likely to get the most bang for your post.

The last table is a list of your 10 most popular posts—by any group member. This is awesome info! Recreate what works with your group members, folks.

Top  Contributors

This is the really fun section. These are your people—your top 10 group non-admin members. (You can also download this information.)

These are the folks you want to interact with and recognize on a consistent basis, because they’re making your group thrive. As you probably know, we’re big on recognition graphics. You can see one that Monica creates every couple of weeks for her top Fix Family members. I’d venture to say it makes their day when this shows up on their newsfeeds.

So, there you have it…make use of this insightful data!

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Preparing for Team Cup

By | January 30th, 2018|

The 2018 Team Beachbody Team Cup competition starts on February 1. We want to help you and your team focus on a successful Team Cup!

First a little refresher of Eric Worre’s top 7 skills you need to develop in order to be a successful network marketer:

  1. Work from a list
  2. Invite from your list
  3. Present your product or business opportunity to the prospects you invite
  4. Follow up
  5. Sign up prospects to use or distribute your products
  6. Get them started right
  7. Promote yourself

To prepare for the Team Cup competition, we want you focusing on making and working from a list and pay attention to these tips:

  • Use a Memory Jogger! (You can find this on our FCN Coach Resources page or download it by clicking HERE.)
  • Go BIG. Don’t pre-judge people and eliminate them from your list based on your subjective conclusions. Put EVERYONE on your list!
  • If you don’t know a potential prospect’s name, write a description of them.

Here’s a little story with a perfect example of the last tip:

I would notice a lady who would pass by my house almost every day with her chocolate lab. (Paying attention.) I wrote a note to myself about said woman. (Set intention.) One day while at local venue, I saw the woman and said “Oh, you’re the lady who walks her chocolate lab down my street! Hi, I’m Monica.” Her name is Pam. 🙂 (Follow through when the opportunity presented itself.)

Good luck to all our Team Cup teams!

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Interview of Founding Coach Milan Jensen

By | January 25th, 2018|

Here’s a video of Monica interviewing founding Beachbody Coach Milan as part of her Pacesetters group. Milan spoke at our leadership retreat this year and gave a powerful presentation on being a retail coach and training retail coaches. If you are helping people with Beachbody supplements and fitness programs, you are retailing and this is a MUST see!

You can also find the video on Facebook:

Watch on Facebook
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2018 Income Tracker

By | January 15th, 2018|

Here’s an updated 2018 Income Tracker.

You’ll find other links to YouTube videos explaining how to “Make a Copy” of the spreadsheet and what it does for you in the Google Doc here:

2018 Income Tracker
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