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Nicole Jones will be joining us on the Team Call tonight and wanted me to distribute these notes/scripts so you can get the most out of the call.

Don’t miss this call—it will be a good one!

Tuesday at 5:30 PM Pacific/7:30 PM Central/8:30 Eastern
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 78190

Here are samples of all Nicole’s emails and/or texts that she sends to customer leads. THE FINAL ONE IS A GEM!

Be sure to tune into the call so you can hear Nicole describe how she uses these resources and share her incredible success with them. As you can see, and will hear, it’s about consistency in the activity.

Sample Email 1/2

My name is Nicole L Jones and I am your FREE Team Beachbody coach. Welcome to Team Beachbody! I am really excited to connect with you about your health and fitness goals.

Can you tell me which program you bought? Have you started? I started as a customer just like you August 2010, with P90X and Shakeology and lost 35 lbs and 30 inches. These programs work really well if you follow the plan I am here to stay connected with you and be sure you finish your program. What is the easiest way for us to connect—email, Facebook, phone?

Thanks, Nicole

Sample Email 3/4

How are you? My name is Nicole and I am your free health and fitness coach and we haven’t had a chance to connect yet.

Have you received your program? Have you started? I started out as a customer just like you and I can not wait to connect! Is email, text or phone the best way for us to communicate? Please let me know!

Hope you had a great weekend.


Final Email 5/6

How are you? This is Nicole, your FREE Team Beachbody coach. Not sure if you are getting my emails, I know these can sometimes go to spam.

Well, I wanted to reach out just ONE more time, because I don’t want to bother you. But, I also want to make sure I make every effort to get in touch with you. My job as a Beachbody Coach is to make sure my customers are given the support they need/want with their health and fitness goals.

I would love to connect and hear all about your health and fitness goals and how your program is going so far. I would love to chat about the most important and hardest part, which is nutrition. Please let me know if you want to connect, so I stop stalking you LOL! I do hope we can.

Thanks so much. Have an AMAZING day and week!


Sample Text Message

Says Nicole—I message people every 48 hours for the first two weeks and some are in text, too. I just shorten to:

“Hi Mary. My name is Nicole and I am your free team Beachbody coach and I am so excited to connect with you about your health and fitness goals. What is best way for us to communicate…here or email?”

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