The Diamond Mine is our focus group, but that’s really understating what it is all about.

Everyone does these things a little differently—and I’m no exception to that. I run small groups—with usually about 8 to 10 coaches—where I invest a lot of time in their professional development.

My next group will run from Tuesday, August 20th, to Tuesday, October 1st.

Please read this post carefully so you clearly understand what we are going to do and who this group targets.

The group will last six weeks. During this time period, we’ll focus on some of the more advanced concepts of Beachbody Coaching, including introspective personal development and leadership. I’m not going to spend a lot of time on things like how to start a Challenge Group as I’m assuming you know that already.
If you are not yet comfortable with the basics, I suggest you go back to the 7 Day Quick Start Training and master that first.  The training there is excellent and will allow most people to achieve their goals with Team Beachbody. This Diamond Mine is for people looking to advance into leadership roles, which is why it is open to people that have reached a minimum rank of Emerald.
I am accepting a limited amount of people into this group, so I can with the people I personally select. This will entail weekly one-on-one calls and interaction in our Diamond Mine Facebook group. We will also have a weekly group call that will happen at 6:00 PM Pacific/9:00 PM Eastern every Tuesday night.
In addition, you will be paired up with a Success Partner that you will interact with daily (via phone, text, email, etc.). There will be weekly homework assignments. If you are selected, I will expect you to participate in all these activities and complete all the assignments I provide, some of which may well prove challenging to you and be outside of your comfort zone. Please consider whether this will be an issue before going further. If you think it might be, then please do NOT submit an application.
That being said, here’s what I need to know from you (email me at
  1. Confirm that you are currently an Emerald Coach (or higher).
  2. Let me know the names of your sponsoring Coach, Upline Diamond, and Upline Star Diamond Coaches.
  3. Follow this link and take the personality test——and let me know your scores.
  4. Tell me why you want to be in the group.
  5. Tell me what your goals are for this year
  6. Let me know where you do the majority of your marketing—online or face to face?
  7. Have you registered for the SS Beachbody 2014 Success Club trip? It’s not a pre-requisite, but it if you are, we’ll focus on making sure you get there.
  8. Confirm your commitment to everything I covered above and your commitment to finish what you start.
I look forward to hearing from you! You will be hearing from me if you are selected to participate in my group. As I said, I’m limiting the number of people that are accepted into the group so I can provide highly personal service, so not everyone will get in.
This will NOT be the last one I do and several other Star Diamond Coaches on our team run these groups as well, so keep your eyes open for future groups!