If you haven’t already been checking out the analytics for your Facebook Group, you need to. Here’s where to find some helpful info that you can use to help you increase interaction in the group and also make more impactful decisions regarding your group and business.

First, I’ll show you where to find Facebook Group Insights.

Go to your Group and you’ll see a similar menu on the upper left of your screen as the one in the image to the left. Click on Group Insights and you’re in.

The first thing you’ll see is a horizontal table entitled “Group Insights” (brilliant) divided into three sections with summary data and links to dig deeper. The sections include:

  1. New Members Growth (by number and percentage)
  2. Posts, Comments and Reactions Activity (by number) and Growth (by percentage)
  3. Top Contributors

When you click on each respective column, the content below the table updates to include more detailed info on the chosen data.


Group Insights Section


New Members

This section includes a graphical representation of the new member growth (or shrinkage) of your group and a summary of member requests. Note you can change the time period that the graph represents (upper left corner) and download the information (upper right corner). There is also a button to link your page to the group. We suggest doing this (although it may cause some posting issues if you have multiple group admins. Just try it and see if it works. It’s a great way to connect all your Facebook presences.

Posts, Comments and Reactions

The first table in this section is a similar graphical representation of posts, comments and reactions in your group by day. These can be viewed individually or all together and hovering over the graph will give you specific numbers. It’s also customizable by date (upper left corner) and downloadable (upper right corner).

The second table is a graph showing the number of active members on given days. The third table shows your most popular days and times for interactions and should be used to determine the optimal time to post your content. In case you weren’t aware, Facebook enables you to schedule your postings so you can prepare your content weekly and schedule at the times where you’re likely to get the most bang for your post.

The last table is a list of your 10 most popular posts—by any group member. This is awesome info! Recreate what works with your group members, folks.

Top  Contributors

This is the really fun section. These are your people—your top 10 group non-admin members. (You can also download this information.)

These are the folks you want to interact with and recognize on a consistent basis, because they’re making your group thrive. As you probably know, we’re big on recognition graphics. You can see one that Monica creates every couple of weeks for her top Fix Family members. I’d venture to say it makes their day when this shows up on their newsfeeds.

So, there you have it…make use of this insightful data!