Well, it’s been a bit stressful around here planning our team meeting at the Annual Summit in Las Vegas this June. But, fantastic news is just within our reach! Stay tuned for more info.

In this issue (February 13, 2014), you’ll find our team’s top volume producers and Success Clubs point leaders, plus this week’s featured story—”Leigh Anne Guveiyian Brings it to the Nose Bleed Level!”

Featured Story—Leigh Anne Guveiyian Brings it to the Nose Bleed Level!

fit club network team recognition

Wow, Leigh Anne…REALLY??? 50 Success Club Points! What a ridiculously amazing achievement!

We’d like to distract you from your HARD work for a moment and let you know you make us proud, the team proud, and we’re sure Carl would have some congratulatory words to add to the mix! Thanks for being such a valuable team member. (Pssst…progress is being made with your name, Leigh Anne! Sorry about the recognition pic…two steps forward, one back.)

Team Recognition

Fit Club Network team recognition