So many exciting things have happened, are happening, and are still yet to come!

In the “have” department, we have the Ward family move and our participation in the SoCal Gets Fit event in Anaheim last weekend. Super exciting and motivating!

In the “happening” arena are all the new coaches joining the team, rank advancements of our existing coaches, and the restart of shipments of the 21 Day Fix. We’re invigorated, fulfilled…and, relieved!

Still to come are the Success Club, Annual Summit in Las Vegas, and our exclusive Diamond Retreat with…drum roll…Autumn Calabrese!

To say we are gratified by all the positivity around us is a massive understatement.

In this issue (February 27, 2014), you’ll find our team’s top volume producers and Success Club points leaders, and this week’s featured story—”Shine On, Diamonds!”

FEATURED STORY—Shine on Diamonds!

Lisl Nixon Diamond Beachbody coach
We are so thrilled and proud to welcome Lisl Nixon into Diamond rank!

This was Lisl THEN—”Incredibly unsure” of herself, both physically and socially, as a result of scoliosis and a subsequent diagnosis of fibromyalgia.

This is Lisl NOW—a successful Diamond Beachbody coach who is not only bringing it for herself, but for MANY others.

Says Lisl, “…many of our brick walls are ones we can tear down brick by brick, if we have the right tools. That is why we share this with you. We want to spread the message, spread the results. It isn’t about looking good. It’s about feeling good. Looking good is just a nice side effect.”

We’re so inspired at Lisl’s journey and the faith that got her through it.

Monica Ward 13 Star Diamond Beachbody Coach
And, how proud do you think I, Dave Ward, am to be able to include my amazing wife in this particular Featured Story? She tops the list of people who inspire me to be a better man.

It’s a great day…no, week…no, month…no, YEAR at The Fit Club Network. Thanks to EVERYONE for your contribution to this amazing team!

Team Recognition

Fit Club Network coach recognition

(Leigh Ann has been making my life a bit easier during this busy time by enabling me to use the same picture week after week. Thank you, Leigh Ann!)