We hope you are liking the changes to the Team Call and recognition protocol. We’ll refine it was we go along, but we think it’s a BIG improvement! We do believe we’ve fallen madly for Spreecast.

In this issue (February 6, 2014), you’ll find our team’s top volume leaders and current Success Club points leaders, plus our featured stories—“Congrats to New Father (and Coach), Adam Chamberlain!” and “FCN Coaches Bring it to the Next Level.”

Featured Stories

Congrats to New Father (and Coach), Adam Chamberlain!

Adam C

Please join us in congratulating one of our newest coaches, Adam Chamerlain, on a monumental lifetime achievement. Sawyer Joseph Shaun Chamberlain made a grand entrance into this world at 5:20 p.m. on Jan 27 in good form, weighing 7.7 lbs & stretching 20″ long.

Say hello to the deepest love you’ll ever experience, Adam…and, say goodbye to sleep! Everyone on the FCN team wishes the entire family never ending health & happiness.

FCN Coaches Bring it to the Next Level

Chris Reed

Congrats to CHRIS REED for reaching DIAMOND in his 3rd Business Center!


Congrats to TEESHALAVONE JENKINS for achieving RUBY status!

…and congratulations to Steve Francoeur, Robyn Sajadi, Nila Rhodes, and Nikki Lewis for reaching EMERALD!

Team Recognition

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