With January comes change! Hopefully, you’ve noticed the changes to the Team Call—and we’re also changing our recognition protocol.

Every week you’ll get this email with a list of our team’s top volume producers, Success Club points leaders, and a featured story (or two).

Featured Stories

PatricK Callahan Reaches Diamond!

Patrick Callahan Beachbody


Please join us in congratulating our newest Diamond Coach, Patrick Callahan!

This is yet another achievement in a life filled with accomplishments. When he’s not working out himself or helping others reach their health and fitness goals, he’s caring for childrens’ hearts. Like seriously. Patrick is a Child Cardiologist in Virginia.

At home, he’s surrounded (and motivated) by five beautiful women—his wife of 21 years and FOUR daughters. We’re extremely honored to have you on our team, Patrick!

Army Mike Master’s Customer Brings It!

Beachbody Challenge Winners 2014

A combination of ChaLEAN Extreme, Shakeology, hard work, and determination took Sarah B. from feeling “gross” to sporting an elite athlete level body.

Says Sarah B.—”This program is a game changer. Set goals and organize your priorities to achieve things you never thought possible (like earning $500 for working out). I am so proud of how strong I have become. It’s given me confidence that overflows to other aspects of my life.” How awesome is that???

Says her coach (and our coach), Army Mike—”My customer did amazing. Here’s to show you that the programs and Shakeology really work.”

Yep, they do. The world needs more confidence and more awesome. We SO fortunate to have the tools to BRING IT!

Team Recognition

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