In this issue (March 13, 2014), you’ll find our team’s top volume producers and Success Club points leaders, latest rank advancements, and this week’s featured story—”2014 Co-Ed Diamond Retreat.”

Latest Rank Advancements

Our team constantly makes us proud. The latest coaches to bring it big are Adam Binder, who just advanced to Ruby, and Shannon Lord, who reached Emerald status.

Adam Binder Beachbody Coach

Shannon Lord Beachbody Coach

 FEATURED STORY—2014 Co-ed FCN Diamond Retreat

Fit Club Network 2014 Co-Ed Diamond Retreat

From October 17-19, we will be hosting a co-ed Diamond Retreat in Coronado and are thrilled to welcome all the “boys” AND special guest, Autumn Calabrese!

Retreat events will be held at a local hotel and our home. This event is exclusively for Diamond Coaches on our team. As long as a coach qualifies on or before October 16, they’re invited!

Please share this awesome enrichment opportunity with all of the Diamonds (and potential Diamonds) on your team! And, if you’re a Diamond who plans on coming, reserve your spot now by emailing Monica at

Team Recognition

FCN Coach Recognition March 13, 2014