First 30 Training—Lesson 16

Sharing the Business Opportunity

Welcome to Lesson 16! Since growing your Team is one of the most important things you can do to build your business, we’ve separated this topic into three parts.

In Part I you will learn how to introduce people to Coaching by becoming a “Preferred Member.” These Coaches are discount buyers, but often grow into more and will help your Team grow.

In Part II I’ll introduce you to some of the fundamentals of recruiting new Team members.

Part III focuses in on the “Sneak Peek” concept. These are short Facebook groups designed to give people more information about Coaching. Rock star Coach Cindy Tremblay will tell you all about it.

Part I—Preferred Membership Program

Part II—Recruiting and Sponsorship Fundamentals

Part III—Running Effective Sneak Peak Groups with Cindy Tremblay

Thanks for taking the time to do this training! Make sure you do all the homework from this lesson before you move on to Lesson 17. Each lesson builds on the foundation of the previous lesson, so don’t be in a rush to skip steps. Remember, you don’t need to do all this training in consecutive days—you just need to do it consecutively!

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