Forging a Path to Your Dreams

There I am contemplating life in the jump seat of a Bell 212 helicopter. It’s a pretty crazy thing I’m doing…and, something I flat out couldn’t afford until I started my own business. I’m writing today to light a fire inside of you to keep following the path to your dreams.

For seven consecutive days every year for three years in a row now, I’ve hurtled around in a helicopter and skied and snowboarded in thigh deep powder. It’s funny…when I talk to people, I always think they are going to ask me about how dangerous it is. Avalanches. Tree wells. Cliffs. Flying in a helicopter. There’s a lot that could go wrong. In fact, I’ve been rescued before (post a comment below if you want to hear that story).

But, no…they ask me how much it costs. That tells me what they are afraid of more than anything else—not dying, but money. And, I get it. I’ve been there. I couldn’t do this in 2008, and it was definitely a regret I had as I watched my stepdad and brothers go off on this trip without me.

So, I did something about it. I got busy. At the time, I was in my eighth year of law practice and had just started my Beachbody business. You think you don’t have time? Try THAT schedule. About 18 months later, I left the law firm and pursued Beachbody full time. Four years later, I had enough discretionary income to justify this trip…and, I haven’t missed a year since.

Was it easy? No. Were there struggles? Yes. Did I have help? Absolutely. I didn’t do this alone. I built my business with partners and helped the people that joined us. I still do that.

I know there is something in you life that you want—maybe it’s heli skiing, maybe it’s something totally different. You’ve started walking on the path to that goal and I want to support you while you walk. All you have to do is reach out.