Our business is about helping people. That should always be at the forefront of your approach. However, this a sales business.

If you want to generate a big income with Team Beachbody, the two things you must do are:

  1. Learn how to make sales
  2. Teach others how to do the same

As you know from the 7 Day Quick Start Training, inviting people to the Beachbody Challenge is going to be the most productive way you can do (1). The easiest to teach is by simply directing people to the training on FCN Coach Training.

Now that we understand that, let’s sharpen the sword a little.

As part of the 7 Day Quick Start Training, we recommend that people get the book Go For No.

This excellent little book has some simple, but effective, strategies to help you get the most out of every sale. It’s simple—ask until the word “No” is used by the person you are talking to.

Now, this isn’t about walking around looking for people to say “No” to you. Not at all. That’s going to happen, but I don’t think you should go looking for people to say “No.” If you do, that’s exactly what you will probably find. You want to go looking for people that are going to say “Yes.” Instead, “Going for No” is about continuing to offer your product/service at different levels until the person gets what they are after.

Here’s a non-Beachbody example:

Last week, I went to Road Runner to buy some new shoes. They have a custom fitting program where they watch you run, measure your balance, and fit you for custom insoles. Then, and only then, do they send you off to get a pair of shoes.

Everyone is very friendly, asks your name, and shakes your hand. So, you find yourself picking out your new shoes. It’s exciting. You are thinking about that next long run and how good they will feel. All the sudden, you realize those custom insoles they fit you for are $75!

Whoa…what? Did I just buy something for $75? Absolutely not. They are optional. If you like them, great. If not, that’s great too.

They don’t pressure you about it. They just present the option. What Road Runner does is go for “No.” They tell you to try on the shoes without the inserts first and then decide if you want them or not.

I ended up taking a pass, but guess what? I’m seriously considering going back to get them because they did feel good! They went for “No” with me and ended up only making a $115 shoe sale. You’d take that right? You’d gladly make the first sale, even if the second level offered was a “No,” right?

Are you starting to see how this works?

If someone says “Yes” to P90X (or another program), ask them about Shakeology. If they say “No,” that’s fine. Just do what Road Runner does and go back to P90X and make the sale they already said “Yes” to. It’s highly unlikely that asking about Shakeology is going to cause them to say “No” to something they already said “Yes” to.

Sometimes people worry about that, but don’t. Just present the option to them. If they say “Yes” to P90X and Shakeology (a Challenge Pack), then you should ask them if they are interested in Coaching. The initial sign up fees are waived with a Challenge Pack, so that’s an easy question. If someone says “No” to that, I always just let them know they have 30 days to take advantage of that offer. Easy.

You would not believe how many Challenge Pack sales and Coach sign ups we get through this simple act of going for “No.” It’s why the book is on our recommended reading list.

This can take some time to get used to and use, but if you’ll do it you’ll have greater success. The progression is Learn-Practice-Succeed-Teach.

This is one I suggest you learn, so you can eventually teach it to your team. Give it a try the next time you have a chance and let us know how it went by posting a comment here, or in the Facebook Group.