I’ve come to learn that people need motivation more than they need information. However, motivation must come within.

I cannot motivate you. Only YOU can motivate you. If the self-talk in your head is counter-productive to that motivation, then you are destined to fail. The good news is that we can change that discussion. We can turn it around and you can start to talk to yourself in a way that supports your goals and leads to success.

How? By using your own voice. Watch the video and I’ll give you the process that helped me change the internal dialogue I had that lead me to a wide variety of self-destructive behaviors I was completely unaware of and yet threatened to destroy all the good things in my life.

Are you resistant to this? Maybe you think it will be a waste of time. Maybe you think you don’t have any negative self-talk or a negative self-image. If so, do this…

First, seriously question whether your resistance is simply a form of negative self-talk. Are you trying to convince yourself not to do something that has led other people to success?

Second, pay attention and make sure you don’t have any negative self-talk or a negative self-image.

Third, ask yourself whether I could have filmed that video or completed this post if I had not reversed the self-destructive pattern of negative and defeating self-talk that I had.

Finally, just do it. It will take you about 30 minutes to complete and about two mins per day to listen to your own voice leading you towards happiness and success in your life.