How to Live the Life You Want

I’m going to tell you a short story. It’s the story of a sliver of my life. I don’t tell the story to brag. Quite the opposite. I tell the story because I’m grateful for it and I passionately want to show you how to live the life you want.

Anyone who is willing to work hard can have experiences like I’ve had. This blog—along with my YouTube channel—serves as an ongoing diary of my life. Along with various lengths of hair, mustaches and beards, and different levels of personal growth, you’ll see me be persistent and consistent about achieving my evolving goals.

Setting and Focusing on Goals

I have a goal board. I’m a huge believer in them. It’s amazing what happens when you write your goals down. I have a super organized goal board (I know, what a shock). It’s broken down by quarters and has many goals about our Beachbody business—the amount of customers we want to have, sales numbers, the ranks we want to achieve, etc. It’s not very exciting.

Monica also writes down her goals. You can see hers are a bit more visual and exciting than mine! Ultimately, what’s important is that you write them down.

Every goal we had was directed at living here and we our focus on our goals was unwavering. I truly believe that is why we achieved this dream.

And, the reward…THIS. That little sliver of beach is where I surf. In 2010, I picked up my first Stand Up Paddleboard (a 10’6′ NSP) and I was hooked. I mostly used it in Glorietta Bay, but eventually I could not resist the ocean. Okay, I digress…


Enjoy the Journey

Lately, I’ve been filming a series of videos of “Tonyisms,” which are based on a series of quotes on the back of a shirt from Tony Horton’s Fitness Camp that inspired me—and continues to do so. This is one of them about how to live the life you want to live. Seriously, kids, life is way too short to do things you hate. Everyone can live the life they want, if they will just take the time to figure out what that looks like, write it down, and commit to doing whatever it takes to get there.

My Advice

My advice? Live the life you want to live.

Mine includes a very friendly pod of dolphins. I cannot possibly explain how much it means to me to spend whatever time I can with them. Its a place where the phone doesn’t work and where I can combine my passion with exercise. More than anything else, it’s what I want to do, and that’s enough.

One more piece of advice—get a mentor. I had Tony and he’s central to my success. And, he—along with Beachbody—has taught me to mentor others.