Beachbody founder and CEO Carl Daikeler posted something today on Facebook and it really touched me. When Monica started this business in March 2007, she didn’t have ANY support. No one held her hand and showed her what to do. There wasn’t a system, like we have now. Our products were VERY limited (Shakeology didn’t come out until 2009!).

So, how did she survive???

She survived because she was passionate, committed, and understood that the only true way to fail would be to quit. I’m ever so proud of her for her dedication to building this business regardless of the circumstances or how easy it would have been to walk away (as many others did).

Guess what? I don’t have an upline either.

So, everyday I learn from people, books, and other examples that teach me. I learn from YOU. I learn from my failures—lots and lots of failures. And, I never, ever slow down regardless of failure or success. In fact, I think I’ll fail some more tomorrow. And, by the day after, I’ll be even closer to my next goal. That’s the only way I’ve ever seen it work.

I don’t ask permission and I don’t wait for an invitation to create the life I want to live. I don’t believe in perfection. I only believe in action, learning, and trying again.

I’ve seen some people who see how hard something is going to be and their reflex is to look for the excuse so it’s “not their fault.” They grab onto that excuse and hold onto it like it’s a rip cord to a parachute, ready to soften the landing if they fail.

But, it’s not a rip cord to a parachute, it’s a chain tied to an anchor that’s holding you down, that’s keeping you from taking 100% responsibility for the outcome in your life. So you never push through. You get blocked by helping the excuse have power over you.

But, right now—in this moment—you can let go of it. REFUSE to accept it, even when people around you wave that excuse in front of your face—”That will never work.” or “That sounds like one of those pyramid schemes.”

If you take the bait, it’s not their fault. It’s yours. So don’t take it. Not this time. Maybe not ever again. (But, it’s sneaky. It will always be looking for a way to get control back over you. So watch out!)

So, what’s standing between you and success? EVERYTHING. Unless you categorically refuse to let it. And then, NOTHING is standing your way, because you refuse to let it.