Sharing a fabulous video where Coach Jillian Kaplan talks with Dr. Luigi Gratton, Beachbody’s Vice President of Nutritional Products (since November 2017), about the new Beachbars and the Performance Line. Dr. Luigi is highly experienced with a specialty in family medicine and clinical nutrition and is very dialed in to how nutrition impacts human health and performance.

So awesome to hear how impressed he was with Shakeology and how that single product brought him to Beachbody and changed the direction of his life. He is clearly an asset to Beachbody.

As I mentioned, in the video below, he talks about the new Beachbar “snack bars” and the Performance Line. As usual, Beachbody has nailed it—Beach Bars have more protein, more fiber and less sugar (5-6 grams of primarily organic cane sugar) than the top four snack bar competitors (Lara, Kind, Cliff and RX). And, they’re certified gluten free and low glycemic index with a combo of whey and pea protein. As usual, everything is all natural.

Watch the video for more in depth info on Beachbars and Performance—it will help you market these bars much  more effectively: