Life Is Not Easy

Carl Daikeler is right. Life is not easy. And, it’s NEVER going to be easy. But, things worth having are things worth working for.

I wanted to share Carl’s awesome Facebook post with you.

Let’s stop trying to fight the truth that life is not going to be easy. Let’s get after it today. Whether “it” is your fitness, your family, your business—or whatever demands the most out of you in your life. It’s time to go get it!!!

“It’s Not Easy. It’s Never Going to Be Easy”

by Carl Daikeler

It’s not easy. It’s NEVER going to be easy. Time to stop looking around for easy, and instead start working for what’s worthwhile.

New week, starts now.

You are not alone in this pursuit or this struggle to grow, because it’s not easy for any of us. If you look around and see the kind of success you want, see through the surface to the hours of hard work, sacrifice, and burning desire that made that success possible… and then see that it’s possible for you too.

Yeah, it’s not easy for any of us. Although, it is a little easier if we work together, be kinder, listen to what people want, and work a little harder to help them get it. Yep, it’s easier if we work harder. Ironic.

That’s my intent this week: Work harder to help people achieve their goals and lead healthy fulfilling lives. What’s your intent?

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks, Carl.