and is getting a makeover!

As previewed at Leadership, (and soon have been redesigned to make shopping for Shakeology easier!

The site will be beta tested over the coming weeks to make sure there are no bugs. Once testing is complete, they will be rolled out to Coaches on your sites. We anticipate that timing to be approximately 6-8 weeks, but we’ll keep you fully updated as it gets closer.

Key features of the new site will include:

  • A new shopping cart and checkout experience that lives entirely on (bypassing the TBB Store) making it easier for customers to purchase.
    • Includes a new “Buy Now” page that visually shows flavor/combination options (no more confusing drop down menus!)
    • A mini-shopping cart experience like and other online retailers
    • The checkout flow still asks for Coach name/ID/Email so you get credit if your customer goes to instead of your replicated site.
  • The entire site is optimized for MOBILE, which makes it easier to browse and purchase on your phone.
  • Updated success stories page and recipes page. You will soon be able to link to favorite recipes and share success stories easily—directly from your site!