The 2018 Team Beachbody Team Cup competition starts on February 1. We want to help you and your team focus on a successful Team Cup!

First a little refresher of Eric Worre’s top 7 skills you need to develop in order to be a successful network marketer:

  1. Work from a list
  2. Invite from your list
  3. Present your product or business opportunity to the prospects you invite
  4. Follow up
  5. Sign up prospects to use or distribute your products
  6. Get them started right
  7. Promote yourself

To prepare for the Team Cup competition, we want you focusing on making and working from a list and pay attention to these tips:

  • Use a Memory Jogger! (You can find this on our FCN Coach Resources page or download it by clicking HERE.)
  • Go BIG. Don’t pre-judge people and eliminate them from your list based on your subjective conclusions. Put EVERYONE on your list!
  • If you don’t know a potential prospect’s name, write a description of them.

Here’s a little story with a perfect example of the last tip:

I would notice a lady who would pass by my house almost every day with her chocolate lab. (Paying attention.) I wrote a note to myself about said woman. (Set intention.) One day while at local venue, I saw the woman and said “Oh, you’re the lady who walks her chocolate lab down my street! Hi, I’m Monica.” Her name is Pam. 🙂 (Follow through when the opportunity presented itself.)

Good luck to all our Team Cup teams!