The Share a Cart feature is a powerful tool for your coaching business. In a nutshell, it simplifies the purchasing process for your customers and newly enrolled coaches because it allows you to create their order for them. It works on any mobile device, tablet or computer. How awesome is it that you can set up your customers’ or coaches’ carts and send them a link to their order right from your phone???

Share a Cart has been found to increase the average order by $40 so you really need to learn how to use this tool!

You can watch the video above or follow these steps:

  1. Go to your browser and open up
  2. Bookmark or add this page to your homescreen.
  3. Once you have a product solution for your customer or coach, have their email on hand.
  4. Log into to Share a Cart using your Team Beachbody login credentials.
  5. Click on New Enrollment/Order (View Status is where you’ll click when you are following up on previous orders you’ve created).
  6.  Fill out the fields with your customer or coach’s info.
  7. Click on the Customer or Coach button (the Coach button adds a Coach Starter Kit and displays Coach prices).
  8. Click Continue and add all items to the cart.
  9. Review the order.
  10. Click on Send Email.
  11. If you want to send the link via text or private social media message, click on Copy Shareable Link and paste where applicable.
  12. Your customer or coach will be able to review and complete the order from the email or link that was sent. They will be prompted to either create a new Team BB account or login to their existing one. Once logged in, they can edit the order if they want to add or delete product and they will also see Special Offers that area available to them at this time before they are prompted to submit their order.
  13. As mentioned earlier, you can go back in and View Status of all previously created Share a Cart orders.