The Team Beachbody Cup kicks off on July 1 and registration is NOW open!

Think about your action plan, form your teams, and step up to the challenge! Don’t think small—think BIG! Why not challenge yourself this time around and step up to become a Team Captain?

BIG prizes are up for grabs, including the chance to be ON SET at a top-secret celebrity trainer video shoot!

Registration runs from today, June 10, through 11:59PM PST June 30th. Sign up today!

About the Team Cup

Get all the information on the TBB Cup here here:

Register for the TBB Cup here:

Considering being a captain? Check out the Team Beachbody Cup Captain’s Guide here:

A Team Cup Strategy

Last night on our Team Call, we had Jen Kelley as our guest.

Jen is running a Bootcamp style training group for Coaches on her team. She is using the 7 Day Quick Start training with the Coaches in her Bootcamp and guiding them through that training. Instead of having them all blast through the material in seven days, they are methodically going through each step making sure that they fully understand each one before moving on.

What happens if you follow this strategy? Well, here are some of the potential outcomes for both new and “old” Coaches:

  1. New Coaches learn the basics of inviting people to take the Beachbody Challenge
  2. “Old” Coaches have a chance to re-learn the invitation process and re-engage with their business
  3. Everyone will engage and connect with their WHY
  4. Everyone will learn how to use the 7 Day Quick Start Training with new Coaches, which builds duplication and solid basic training to your team
  5. Your Team Cup Team will be engaged in the basic activities that earn Team Cup Points, which means you’ll get more points, earn more prizes, and have MORE FUN!