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Barbie Decker—Becoming a Leader (11/26)

Notes from Barbie:

What does Leadership look like? It’s not about being perfect. It’s about the struggle. Success and leadership can be messy. Plan on that. If you think it’s going to be perfect, you’ll be disappointed.

Changing mindset. Growing up poor, Barbie developed a poverty mentality. That drove her to succeed, but it also set her up to fail. She started to realize that needed to change.

Getting started. After a conversation with Mark Briggs, Barbie realized that Coaches are not superstars. They are just people.

Stepping into leadership. Barbie was waiting for permission to step into leadership and she wasn’t getting it. Instead, she felt micro-managed by the existing leaders. She realized that no one was going to tell her it was time to be a leader or give their blessing. It became about HER deciding to move into leadership and step up. She decided to take control over HER actions and HER destiny.

Sagi Kalev made a special appearance and gave us his 7 Tips:

1. Make peace with the past, so it will not disturb your present.
2. What other people think of you is none of your business.
3. Use memories, but don’t let them use you.
4. No one is in charge of your happiness, but you.
5. Don’t compare yourself to others and don’t judge them. Focus on what you’ve done.
6. Stop over-thinking things. Answers come when you least expect them. Stop thinking and start listening.
7. The problem is that you think there shouldn’t be any problems. Like Barbie said, “leadership isn’t always pretty”.

Jimmy Hayes Nelson—What it Means to Own Your Business (12/3)

10 year old enthusiasm is essential if you are going to be successful!!!

The time is now! If you are just getting involved, you are here at the right time. The structures are in place NOW!

Growing up. Losing 100 pounds changed Jimmy’s outside, but not his inside. He needed to grow and change. After a Beachbody meeting with some other leaders, he started to think that success was just for other people. A need to change his financial situation prompted him to learn on his own.

Embracing failure. A major turning point was when he started organizing meetings in NYC. Week after week no one showed up, but Jimmy took the opportunity to practice. Why? He knew he was in it for the long haul. Once he said “I’m all in,” the failures didn’t matter. The failures became stepping stones to success.

It’s on you. No one is going to hire, fire, or build for you. You’ve got to do it for yourself. You can either choose to embrace that fact and therefore embrace success, or you can resent it and continue to rely on others to create a lifestyle for you, which probably isn’t important to anyone but YOU.

Learning. Jimmy started to view Beachbody as an education experience. Team Beachbody would become his version of Graduate School. This would be his degree.

Upline support. Jimmy didn’t have a lot of upline support, so he had to create it himself. HE had to become the upline. Along the way, he made the mistake of being TOO much in control. He realized he had to support his people, but he had to let them grow. He had to let them rise into leadership.

What would you do if your leaders got hit by a bus? What would you do without that support? Are you completely reliant on your upline or are you taking charge and becoming a leader? If you let someone continue to do it for you, you rob yourself of an important experience. You’ve got to learn how to do it yourself, so you can eventually teach others.

Control Freaks! Your business will never grow. You will eventually be running the businesses of everyone around you, in addition to yours! The tools are in place to allow you to be successful and to teach others.

Action! If you learn something, put it into action immediately. Even if you mess it up, you’ll move forward. “Learn, Do, Tweak.” Go give it a shot and see what happens. Then, we can find a way to do it better. Stop getting ready to get ready and just go do something. If it doesn’t work, figure out why, tweak it and go do it again.

Staying engaged. This isn’t a high school relationship. You’ve got to learn to communicate and stay engaged. No one else is responsible for your business but you. Stay engaged and learn.

Ryan Chapman—How to Inspire and Lead a Team (12/10)

Support your people by empowering them. Don’t overcompensate. You can’t do it for them. They must do it for themselves.

Events. Events move people. Barbie, Jimmy, and Ryan all talked about how they changed their course after attending an Event. For Ryan, it was Summit 2012. That’s where he said, “There’s no reason why I can’t do what ‘they’ are doing,” referring to the people on stage. Everyone needs to have that moment, so attend events to give yourself that chance.

No one will give you permission to lead. Barbie’s insight is amazing. Your Team isn’t going to tell you when it is time.

Question—How many of you want to have a Team that is productive, cohesive and has a great culture? Everyone wants that. It’s the foundation of success.

How do you build a Team? It takes TIME. It doesn’t just happen overnight. You’ve got to be committed to being here for the long haul.

Ryan struggled early, falling in and out of Emerald, finally making Diamond prior to Summit 2012. In March 2013, he advanced to One Star and will qualify for Five Star on Thursday! That’s a slow start, that found some MAJOR momentum. Along the way, he learned that being a Diamond doesn’t automatically make you a leader. It is the point where you can start to see yourself growing into leadership, but it doesn’t make you a leader alone. You lead when it fits. You start a team page and team calls when you’ve got sufficient momentum to carry that forward into something independent.

How to Grow your people

  1. Create a Culture of Success Club. That drives everything. Success Club = Growth. Get help from your future team leaders to help. You MUST explain and educate people on the benefits of Success Club. They need to know why it is important and how it benefits them.
  2. Recognition and Acknowledgement. Everyone that makes Success Club on Team Rhino gets a personal note from Ryan on cards from Vista Print with the Team Rhino logo. Other gifts—drawstring backpacks, water bottles, towels, Shakeology bags, hats, coffee cups, notebooks, etc. All low cost options to let your people know you appreciate them.
  3. Push a little. When people are close, help them get over the edge with Success Club.
  4. ALWAYS MAKE SUCCESS CLUB YOURSELF. Leadership by example is the greatest form of leadership.
  5. Invite conversation and input. Let your Coaches lead. Allow them to answer questions. As long as the answer is correct, you only need to applaud them. Don’t do all the work. Let other people help.
  6. Make the Team Page a HUB. Put documents in the Files section that help, so people view that as their home resource.
  7. Create YOUR Culture. Team Rhino is filled with humor. If that’s your style, do that on the page so it grows in your image.
  8. Leverage fcncoachtraining.com or www.teamrhinotraining.com. Again, be system dependent. Use Beachbody’s language when you talk. Don’t reinvent the wheel.