The Leadership Ladder is an incremental growth measurement. While it is not directly tied to the compensation plan, it is an excellent way for you and your Coaches to set business development goals. In addition, a lot of the recognition within The Fit Club Network relies on the Leadership Ladder, because it measures several different factors that ultimately govern how much income you earn as a Coach.

There are five “rungs” on the Leadership Ladder, but let’s focus on the first three. The graphic above lays out the basics of first three the Leadership Ladder rungs. You can also find more information in FAQ 9539.

Let’s start by taking a step back from all the various requirements, which I’ve found can overwhelm Coaches, and just look at the rungs and what they mean.

A Business Starter is a Coach making Success Club. Pretty simple there.

A Team Builder is an Emerald (or higher) ranked Coach that is making Success Club and starting to build a Team with a few Personally Sponsored (PS) Coaches that are starting to produce.

A Team Leader is a Diamond (or higher) ranked Coach that is making Success Club and has a productive Team.

Creating income with Team Beachbody requires a combination of personal productivity and Team production. That’s why the Leadership Ladder matters. It measures both your personal production and your Team productivity. If you have income based goals with your Team Beachbody business, you really need to learn where you are at on the Ladder and then what you need to advance.

As we dive in a little deeper, it’s important to understand what each of the categories means and how they impact your business.

Personal Production

Your personal production is measured by the first three categories. Your “Commissions” relates directly to how many people you help connect to our products each month. Success Club is a slightly different way to measure that, but if you make Success Club, you’ll hit the “Commissions” number as a Business Starter.

We earn $32.49 for each sale of Shakeology on Home Direct. If you make five of those sales, you’ll earn $162.45 in a month. If you made those points with Challenge Packs, the commissions could be even higher. So, if you qualify for Success Club you will exceed the “Commissions” requirements for Business Starters.

To advance to Team Builder, and then on to Team Leader, you’ll need to do a little more than just make Success Club to meet the Commissions section. Before you get too disappointed, keep in mind that means you are making more money. As a Team Leader you will be earning $1,000 in Commissions alone. That doesn’t even include what you’ll make from your Team Productivity.

Your own personal rank is also a factor. You will need to be an Emerald Coach to be a Team Builder and a Diamond to be a Team Leader. Here’s why that matters beyond bragging rights. Emerald Coaches earn $14 per Team Cycle Bonus. Diamonds earn $18. Doesn’t sound like much until you multiply things out a little. More on that below.

Team Production

Team production is measured by what the people below you do. The first group we will look at are your PS Coaches. Business Starter removes this requirement, because you are just getting started. To be a Team Builder you need to have two PS Coaches who earn at least one Success Club Point in a month. Just one! Team Leaders need to have four PS Coaches who do the same. They don’t need to qualify for Success Club. They just need one point or more. If they are earning Success Club points, then they are duplicating YOU and helping people connect to our products to get results.

Finally, we look at the amount of volume your “Weak Leg” produces every month. A few important things. This category includes EVERYONE on the weaker of your two legs, regardless of whether they are PS Coaches or not. That’s because we get paid on ALL the volume created by the people on our legs. This is a big one, and it’s one of the things most people struggle to generate. It means there are people in your weak leg who are productive and creating volume by connecting people with our products.

Impact on Income

Again, let’s separate these out into Personal Production and Team Production as we look at income. The chart below examines what happens if you meet the minimum requirements at each Rung.

Are you starting to see why we make such a big deal about becoming a Team Leader? Yes, it’s challenging, but that’s a big jump in income.  

Measuring “Weak Leg” production is a little tricky, because it does depend on having a Strong Leg that is also productive, but we can do some simple math. Each time there is 100 TV points on the Weak Leg, a “Cycle” is generated. Emerald Coaches earn $14 per Cycle and Diamond Coaches earn $18 per Cycle. Here’s the breakdown of the math above:

Team Builder: 200/100 = 2 cycles  2 x $14 = $28
Team Leader: 5000/100 = 50 cycles  50 x $18 = $900

This is the point where I tell you that these are estimates and I’m looking at the minimum amounts you’d make if you qualified for each rank.

The figures stated above are not a guarantee and are not a projection of a typical Coach’s earnings through participation in the Team Beachbody compensation plan. As in any independent business, the level of success or achievement of each Team Beachbody Coach is dependent upon the commitment, skill level, drive, and desire to succeed of the individual Coach. Success with Team Beachbody results only from effective product and program sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, and leadership. See Beachbody’s Statement of Independent Coach Earnings. 


The Leadership Ladder matters. If you will focus on these requirements every month, your business WILL grow. If you do not, it MIGHT grow. You MIGHT get lucky. I don’t like to rely on luck. I like proven results. That’s what the Leadership Ladder offers if you will focus on it consistently.